See how gastric sleeve surgery in 2014 helped me lose lots of weight rapidly and made my life great once again. 
If you are severely overweight or morbidly obese and are considering surgery, then hopefully this site might help.

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CRUK 10K Winter Run 2019 - DONE
Vitality Big Half Marathon 2019 - DONE

 Sunday 28th April 2019 -        
   London Marathon (26.2 miles)

* Sunday 8th September 2019 -   
   Gt North Run (13.1 miles)

* Sunday 20th October 2019 - 
   Gt South Run (10 miles)
  Running all over cancer & raising

  funds for Cancer Research UK  

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 Join us in organising & 

 taking part in this 24hr 
 running, walking and
 fun event to help beat
 cancer sooner

 Cancer doesn't sleep

 so neither will we. Let's
 do this together.


BariatricMan Videos

  Video 1:  BariatricMan - Introduction to Me & My Gastric Sleeve Surgery 

BariatricMan Videos:

Video 3: BariatricMan - Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery - (2016)

Video 2: BariatricMan - Gastric Sleeve Surgery Aftercare & Support - (2016)

Video 5: BariatricMan- Post Surgery Exercise & Fitness Regime - (2016)

Video 4: BariatricMan - Pre &Post Surgery Diet and Food - (2016)

Video 6: BariatricMan - Update 4 Years After Surgery - (2018)

Video 7: BariatricMan - 4 Years After 
Surgery, Your Questions Answered - (2018)

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On-Premise Man to Cloud Guy - Oracle Video

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  • Full Marathon finish in Loch Ness
  • 1/2 Marathon in Peterborough
  • 1/4 Marathon finish in Brighton

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<<< Click here to see my video recorded at March For Men Against Prostate Cancer 2018 in Peterborough with my friend Darren Gentle who is currently battling cancer​​​​

<<< Click here to see my video recorded at Cancer Research UK Live in Cambridge in 2018, and why I'm supporting Cancer Research UK in 2019​​​​

<<< Click here to see my video for Suite Chocolate 2019, The Park's 20th Anniversery event for Cancer Research UK on April 21st 2019 and why we're doing it​

<<< Click here to watch my CRUK London Winter Run 10k on 3rd February 2019, post race video - 1st of my 3 London Marathon Challenge in 2019 for Cancer Research UK ​​​​

<<< Click here to watch my Vitality Big Half London Marathon on 10th March 2019 post race video, 2nd of my 3 London Marathon Challenge in 2019 for Cancer Research UK ​​​​

<<< Click here to watch BBC Cambridgeshire Radio social media video about me ahead of London Marathon 2019 for Cancer Research UK ​​​​

<<< Click here to watch BBC TV live interview during the 2019 London Marathon with Radzi on Tower Bridge ​​​​

<<< Click here to watch my Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 personal race video - (7hrs in 57secs) ​​​​