See how gastric sleeve surgery in 2014 helped me lose lots of weight rapidly and made my life great once again. 
If you are severely overweight or morbidly obese and are considering surgery, then hopefully this site might help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for questions you have emailed me and as there are some common ones I will list these in this FAQ's section along with answers ....or my thoughts, as sometimes there is no absolute answer, just a personal opinion.

If you have any questions and can't find answers here or anywhere else on this site then please do email me by going to the Contact Me page on this website.
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    I have read that gastric surgery is not natural and should be avoided at all costs in favour of a diet and exercise to reduce weight?
    I too read articles mainly by bloggers who lost weight through diet and exercise so they look down their noses at surgery, a kind of weight loss snobbery. If like me you can't lose lots of weight through diet and hours in the gym, then you should consider surgery. Remember "one size doesn't fit all" and only you are best placed to know whether surgery is for you.
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    I have heard that gastric surgery is dangerous and can ruin your life as it can go wrong?
    Fact 1: All invasive surgery carries risk either of complications or even death. Yes some people who have had surgery for weight loss or other conditions develop problems - all the more reason to find a good hospital, healthcare provider and surgeon. Fact 2: Far fewer people become ill or die from gastric surgery issues than from obesity related illness as a result of doing nothing - do balanced research.
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    Is gastric surgery painful?
    Unfortunately all invasive surgery is painful usually post surgery as during surgery you are under anaesthesia and are out for the count. After surgery you will have abdominal cuts that are stapled and dressed that will hurt when you move but painkillers and bed rest will help and after a couple of weeks with the staples out the pain goes away - has to be better than the pain or a stroke or other illnesses!
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    I heard people who have this surgery are constantly throwing up after eating is this true?
    No, not in my case I haven't vomited once in 16 months after surgery. It doesn't take long to work out how much you can eat without feeling sick, you will feel bloated and will stop eating. Like me you may then get up and walk to help the food go down. If you ignore the bloating and carry on eating or drink lots of fizzy drinks, beer or soft drinks then you may throw up, no different to if you did this now.
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    Do you really lose up to 1 Stone (14 lbs) a month after surgery without any exercise at all or is this a myth?
    Yes, in my case I lost around 14 lbs each month for the first 6 months after surgery, as I was eating such small amounts of food - I was full and happy unlike dieting. I did no exercise it was only after 7 months I started regular exercise and even then walking 2-3 Km a day after evening meals. I have lost 10.5 Stone my weight loss has slowed down, to 2-3 lbs a month but I do eat more often and I walk 10 Km per day.
  6. ?

    How has a big weight loss impacted on your health and medication you take ?
    I am now not on any pills for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Also gone is the risk of insulin pills or injections for diabetes. I now only eat one chewable vitamin tablet each day and have a vitamin B12 injection every 3 months at the doctors surgery. My BMI has moved from morbidly obese to overweight, my blood pressure and cholesterol are normal. My resting heart rate is an athletic 45 bpm.