See how gastric sleeve surgery in 2014 helped me lose lots of weight rapidly and made my life great once again. 
If you are severely overweight or morbidly obese and are considering surgery, then hopefully this site might help.

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CRUK 10K Winter Run 2019 - DONE
Vitality Big Half Marathon 2019 - DONE

 Sunday 28th April 2019 -        
   London Marathon (26.2 miles)

* Sunday 8th September 2019 -   
   Gt North Run (13.1 miles)

* Sunday 20th October 2019 - 
   Gt South Run (10 miles)
  Running all over cancer & raising

  funds for Cancer Research UK  

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 Join us in organising & 

 taking part in this 24hr 
 running, walking and
 fun event to help beat
 cancer sooner

 Cancer doesn't sleep

 so neither will we. Let's
 do this together.

In 2019 "BIG 3 to beat the BIG C" London Marathon Challenge for Cancer Research UK - Running all over cancer with a1/4, 1/2 and Full Marathon in the capital.  Raising awareness of obesity, cancer and raising funds to help stop cancer faster

​​For 2019 I have been lucky enough to have been selected to run the Virgin London Marathon by ballot, my first go and I'm in!  Wanting to push myself once again I have decided to also run a 1/2 and 1/4 marathon but this time all in the capital during the months of February, March and April.  So in 3 months 3 big races to beat they Big C - cancer by raising money for Cancer Research UK.  While also raising awareness of obesity which is linked to cancer.  I have now extended my marathon challenge to 5 races as I've been accepted to run both the Great North Run 2019 in September and the Great South Run 2019 in October. 

Help me to take the fight to cancer a vile and horrible afflication that has taken so many relatives and friends too soon from us by supporting my challenge - go to my JustGiving Page  and donate or click on the flyer images below - thank you.
​​Obesity and Cancer are Linked:

We all know that obesity and morbid obesity gives rise to many health problems such as blood pressure and heart problems as well as a range of issues around joint pain and mobility, plus others.  Many people don't associate obesity with cancer but after smoking obesity is the major cause of cancer in the Western World.

Click on the image below to read a fascinating article on cancer linked to obesity on the BBC News website.

Its another reason why I am glad I did something about my morbid obesity and will continue to do more and eat less so as to avoid obesity and lessen the risk of cancer.
​​Cancer Research UK Winter Run London: 3rd February 2019 - (6.5 miles)​​​​
Had a great weekend of fundraising for Cancer Research UK.  I spent the Saturday at Tesco Serpentine Green, Peterborough rattling a bucket in front of shoppers and collected around £165 in a couple of hours.  

On the Sunday I was so pleased to have been part of a 60 strong Oracle team that ran the Cancer Research UK London WinterRun 10k 2019.   It was a fantastic morning run and as a team we raised over £12,000 for CRUK which was brilliant.  What is more on a personal level I ran a PB time of 1 hour 16 minutes 2 seconds, an improvement on my previous best 10k time of 1 hour 18 minutes 47 seconds at the Winter Run 2018 in fact.  I so love this wonderful run across central London I have already signed up for 2020.

Monday 4th February was actually World Cancer Day and so I went into the office with some Cancer Unity Bands that I was selling for CRUK.  Other members of my family also sold bands for me and overall we raised around £80 through the sale of bands.   So all in all a great weekend of running and fundraising.
​​Suite Chocolate 2019 for Cancer Research UK - Sunday 21st April 2019 ​​​​

My big personal fundraising event for Cancer Research UK in 2019 to support my marathon running will be the revival of the Suite Chocolate urban club dance night that we hosted at the nightclub I owned between 1999 and 2009 in Peterborough - The Park.  In remembering The Park 20 years after it first opened and 10 years since it closed I have arranged for ex Radio 1 dancehall DJ Chris Goldfinger to take to the decks again with Park Posse local DJ's on Easter Sunday 21st April.  

I have designed flyers for the event in the Suite Chocolate format we used to use all those years ago and I'm pleased to report that the reaction from people who used to come to The Park all those years ago has been phenomenal.  I'm very confident it will be a sell out event at The Radius in Peterborough on the night and together we'll raise funds for CRUK that will help me get to my £2,500 target for 2019.  Find out more about this amazing one off night by clicking on flyers below or going to; 

​​Cancer Research UK Ambassador Appointment ​​​​

With all of the fundraising I am doing for Cancer Research UK and the passion I have displayed in trying to raise awareness of cancer linked to obesity I have been asked to become an Ambassador for CRUK.  Basically CRUK Ambassadors are tasked with meeting MP's and other people of influence to try and increase the dialogue around cancer.   By petitioning politicians and the like hopefully we can help raise awareness of issues related directly and indirectly to cancer.  For me personally, getting the Government, businesses and other institutions to do more to reduce obesity is a definite goal.  The rise in obesity is linked to the rise in certain cancers, so getting bans on junk food advertising on children's TV may save thousands of lives in years to come.  Or getting more people off the couch and out of the house, walking, running, cycling or taking any form of exercise again has to be something we should be striving to achieve.

I will be going through training in the coming weeks and meeting other Ambassadors before I start my own journey of reaching out to MP's and others to spread vital messages. 

​​Relay For Life Peterborough 2020 for Cancer Research UK Organising Committee​​

I've been asked to join the team putting together the first Relay For Life Peterborough event for Cancer Research UK, which will be happening in 2020 - exact date to be agreed.  Its a real honour to be asked for what will be an amazing event licensed from the American Cancer Society.  The premise of the event is that as cancer doesn't sleep then on this one day and night we won't either, and teams of us will run relay laps around a sports track for 24 hours.  Some will run and others will walk, plus there will be survivors of cancer doing laps and there as guests of honour too.  In addition to the track relays there will be fun activities and a party afterwards to celebrate the achievement. 

Clearly the idea is to raise awareness of cancer as well as vital funds for Cancer Research UK.  As this is Relay For Life Peterborough as part of Cambridgeshire, all monies raised will go to support the great work being done at Addenbrookes in Cambridge a hospital that has helped many of us whose friends and families have undergone cancer treatment.  Plus money for the continuing research being conducted at Genome Campus in Cambridge by Cancer Research UK.   All your efforts will help us beat cancer sooner.

Relay For Life Needs You!  Yes we need you to help put together this amazing event as an organiser as well as teams to get sponsorship and participate with the relay running, walking and partying.  If you are interested in helping or participating then please contact Jo Marriott via the Relay For Life Peterborough Facebook Page at: 

​​BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Breakfast Show Interview - 2/3/19​​​​
<<<  Click here to listen to my interview on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire with Charlie Thompson on 2nd March 2019 as a special guest talking about marathon running ahead of the Cambridge Half Marathon, my weight loss journey and fund raising for Cancer Research UK.

My interview starts at around 1hr 12mins into the show and is around 5 minute long segment, so give it a little listen.

​​Vitality Big Half Marathon London: 10th March 2019 - (13.1 miles)​​​​
​​Virgin London Marathon: 28th April 2019 - (26.2 miles)​​​​
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​​Dedication to Darren Gentle - 2nd Feb 1972 - 4th May 2019​​​​
I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon in 2017 after my good friend Darren Gentle informed me in May that year of his cancer diagnosis.  Darren and his partner Helen came along to cheer me on at that first Gt Eastern Run in October 2017, as I ran to raise money for Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

For 2 years Darren fought bladder cancer undergoing chemotherapy and painful treatments. Just when we all thought he was beating cancer it spread to his lungs and made treatment impossible.

In the early hours of 4th May 2019, Darren finally lost his fight against cancer and passed away at Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice in Peterborough.  Darren was only 47 years of age and even though he had led a life where personal health and fitness were his priorities, cancer didn't care.

I know Darren was proud of my transformation and my physical activities for charity, as he told me as much.  What he didn't know especially at the end was how much he helped me get across the finish line at the London Marathon.  I thought I was done at 23 miles, but thinking of Darren in that hospice bed and his pain made me forget mine and helped me finish the 26.2 miles.  After the London Marathon I returned to Peterborough and visited Darren before going home to tell him I'd done it.  He nodded and smiled but I could tell he was in too much pain by then.  The only comfort I draw from his passing is that he is no longer in pain.

Darren Gentle - RIP my dear friend, this marathon was for you.
​​Simply Health Great North Run (Newcastle): - 8th September 2019 - (13.1 miles)​​​​
​​Simply Health Great South Run (Portsmouth & Southsea): - 20th October 2019 - (10 miles)​​​​